Monument Mou

Animation 3D – 3:60 min.


I created that 3D animation during a one-month residency at Daîmôn artist-run centre in Gatineau, Canada. Gatineau is situated on the other side of the river separating Quebec and Ontario. Every day, I would go to the capital city to look for architecture and then document it. Back, at the artist centre, I would model it in Cinema 4D. The rendering time was long and many experimentations were done to get the desired effect. Recently, I re-render the animation with better textures and better light, I also added a new scene. The animation is the second alteration of the idea of Soft Monument, a series of prints has been done in 2017.

“Soft Monument” is a 3D animation using neo-classical and neo-Gothic Ottawa architecture depicted as soft and hairy objects hitting each other in a virtual enclosed space. This animation is a technical and aesthetic challenge of a creation that can only live in a virtual world. With this work, I give animated objects an undeniable life, because they can not exist in other forms. I wanted to create in the viewer an effect of discomfort provoking a psychically active contemplation. At once disgusting, seductive and hypnotizing, this project offers an alternative vision of the body and the object and joins Queer notions of fetishism and the monumental.

The inspiration for “Soft Monument” is an echo to the world of gay cruising and an open, alternative and sexuality often negatively perceived by the familial and societal standards. Moreover, it represents the exhibitionism of the object that helps to question our relationship to our erotic tastes in a world where non-alternative pornography is ubiquitous. In pornography, the rhythm is sustained and the story is very rigid in its form. The works I present are a libidinal export using rhythm and flexibility that goes beyond the limits of capitalist sexuality.

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Photo : Guy L’Heureux

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