La Tombe de Néfertiti

3D Animation, 4:51 min. – 2015 – 2016

Nicholas Reeves, an Egyptologist at the University of Arizona, published a paper arguing that the north wall of Tutankhamun’s tomb is false. Reeves believes that it is hiding a secret chamber, and that the painting on it was altered in ancient times to tell a lie about whose tomb this really is. What we thought was Tutankhamun’s burial chamber is actually the entrance to nefertiti’s tomb. The idea of this animation is to open Nefertiti’s tomb before them.

I was amused by the destruction of Tutankhamun’s murals with no respect for the heritage, only a capitalist goal in mind. Once the wall in tutankhamun’s burial chamber is destroyed, it opens to the waiting room to Nefertiti’s burial chamber. Waiting there are manga version of Râ and Osiris. There are sitting on Montreal’s 1976 olympics Boulva chairs, the central element of Black Market, linking the screen, the print and the exhibition space. Some elements from the tomb of Nefertiti are on the tryptich Black Market, they have been updated for the large size prints, remodelled, modified, resize, retextured.

Category 3d, Animation